Undepend.com is a Scandinavian take on Bushcraft and Survival
In Scandinavia there is a long tradition of outdoor living, bushcraft, wilderness survival, fishing, wild food and SHTF/Prepping.

The vikings mastered the craftsmanship of building ships that allowed them to sail to America already 1000 years ago – 500 years before Christopher Columbus. They also mastered the skill of navigation and other essential survival skills. But the tradition of wilderness survival dates even further back than the viking age, and has continued to be a part of Scandinavian self-understanding ever since. As a consequence there is an equally long history of producing tools, clothing and gear that will stand the test of both time and Scandinavian nature. From the cold north of Lapland and Finland, the barren plains of Iceland and the steep Norwegian fjells, to the endless Swedish forests and the coasts of Denmark.

Undepend.com is bushcraft and survival from a Scandinavian perspective. Please follow the blog for stories, thoughts and updates from our trips and camps.

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