Bushcraft gear list: 3 days of winter camping in Denmark

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I often thought about how little gear you can bring and still stay comfortable in Scandinavia during winter. I’m not talking -30° C here but maybe temperatures between freezing point and -10° C. After all I’m in the southern part of Scandinavia.


This winter I have decided to do some testing. My friend and I are going winter camping and we have access to a private forest where we can chop down trees if needed, so my plan is to build a natural shelter with a fire and a reflector next to it to stay warm. The question is how much – or little – gear will I need to stay comfortable?

My aim is to do with as little gear as possible while still staying safe and somewhat comfortable. I’m planning on bringing nothing but a wool blanket to sleep on/in, so I will need to wear some really warm clothes and I will definitely need to get a fire going.

Despite going for the minimal amount of gear I am planning on bringing a head lamp and a cooking pot since this is not a survival trip after all – I hope. If you followed me here at undepend.com or on twitter you will know that I have prepared some beef jerky to bring for food as well. And I will also bring some water unless it is going to be snow.

If you comment, also please have in mind that this is not my ideal list. I love natural materials such as wool, skin, fur and leather. I will replace the synthetic parts of my garments over time but for now this is what I have. If I could choose I would wear wadmal pants instead of my BDU pants,  wool underwear instead of my synthetic Helly Hansen underwear and fur or wool mittens instead of ski mittens. (This guy has got it right in my opinion)

Anyway here is my bushcraft winter gear list. Please let me hear your thoughts and improvement ideas.

Clothes (From the inside out):
(1) Short underpants
(2) Helly Hansen long sleeve baselayer top
(3) Helly Hansen long baselayer pants
(4) Long woolen underpants
(5) 2 pairs of wool socks
(6) Green Fisherman Waffle knit wool sweater
(7) Marlboro wool shirt
(8) North Face thermal vest
(9) Norwegian wool sweater – maybe just as an extra
(10) BDU pants
(11) Austrian Mountain M65 jacket – My review here.
(12) Wool scarf
(13) Bucket hat to wear over my Lowe Alpine Mountain Cap.
(14) Lowe Alpine Mountain cap
(15) La Crosse Ridgetop Pac boots
(16) Black gloves
(17) Ski mittens
(18) Leather belt
(19) Enzo Trapper knife
(20) Gränsfors Bruks wildlife Hatchet

In my backpack:
(21) Water container – 5 liter
(22) Paracord
(23) Climbing rope – 5 mm
(24) 2 pack straps
(25) Firesteel
(26) Matches
(27) Head lamp
(28) Metal cup
(29) I left out the cooking pot and added some dry tinder instead
(30) First aid kit
(31) Swedish Officer’s 100% Wool blanket (Not the one shown here)
Mobile phone
(32) Toothbrush/paste
(33) Small piece of soap
Toilet paper

Food supplies:
Water – 5 liter
Beef Jerky – 350 g.
2 snickers bars