Fishing and foraging seaweed in Kattegat

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– and how to make your own seaweed chips. Last weekend I went fishing with my friend on the coast of Denmark. It was an incredibly beautiful day. Normally temperatures at this time of year would be around freezing point. … Continued

Undepend 48 Hour Challenge 2016

48 hours in the wilderness with no shell layer and maximum 4 items No jacket, no backpack, no sleeping bag. Unless you wanted to bring them as part of your 4 items you would have to do without them. Personally … Continued

Mushroom hunting with my son and a nice little surprise

September is perfect for mushroom hunting so last weekend I went camping bushcraft style with my 8 year old son in order to hunt for some delicacies. But I also had a little surprise. I didn’t check the weather forecast … Continued

24 Hours in the forest with no food.

The biggest challenge came as a surprise though. How little gear do you need to live in the wild? I set out to challenge a few of my fellow survivalists / bushcrafters encouraging them to bring less gear than they … Continued

Morning hike in Gran Canaria – avoiding the summer heat

Right off the west coast of Africa, about 100 km from Morocco is an underrated nature experience waiting for you if you like hiking. When most people think of the Canary Islands they think of the hotel resorts I guess. … Continued